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article imageACLU ask local police why they have grenade launchers

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 8, 2014 in Politics
Springfield - Representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are questioning why local police in a nearby small town have grenade launchers. It is actually due to a government program that allows the share of heavy arms within the government.
ACLU members in Massachusetts questioned their local law enforcers about why they had two grenade launchers. The answer is that they got them from a government program known as a 1033. Higher offices can transfer any weapons, items or goods to others without charge if they are involved with anti-drug or anti-terrorism operations. So the short answer to this is that it's for heavily armed drug dealers and terrorists.
The question likely was likely raised because while terror attacks are common in small towns elsewhere they practically never happen in the United States. There are also violent and brutal drug dealers in some areas as well. Springfield is one area with a drug problem although it is unclear just how well-armed the users are.
The ACLU has for some time taken a stance that citizens must protected themselves from the police. They will even take on the government to defend those they don't necessarily agree with including the Insane Clown Posse. While the ACLU was never pro-police their stance in modern times has been one of defense against an aggressor.
As it turns out it really does not matter whether they have them according to Chief Ronald P. Campurciani. His jurisdiction in West Springfield received them but he says
They're pretty much obsolete now.
since the cartridges are outdated and can cause a fire. These weapons had only been fired on a testing range and never in an actual incident. Police all around the country receive both surplus and official assault rifles as well as heavier launchers. This is usually on a yearly basis but there are exceptions. This information comes from MassLive.
While reactions from the government and media are mixed many private citizens are concerned about this. We have sites such as PrivacySOS that collect information on the abuses and gather public dissent about the alleged escalation of force in policing. This is likely to be a serious political issue for the upcoming elections. Americans will need to decide whether they are fine with both the program and how the ACLU has handled police issues in the modern day.
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