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article imageWorld's oldest cat dies aged 30

By Tim Sandle     May 21, 2016 in Odd News
A Siamese cat from Mansfield, Texas, called Scooter, claimed the record for the world's oldest living cat. Scooter lived to be a sprightly 30 years old.
Scooter was declared the world's oldest living cat by the Guinness World Records. To win this accolade, Scotter beat a cat called Corduroy, who is a mere 26 and the previous holder of this feline record. Digital Journal profiled Corduroy in August 2015, when the cat from Oregon, U.S. was acknowledged as the oldest cat currently alive in the world.
Guinness World Records named Corduroy as the world s new oldest living cat on on August 13  2015..
Guinness World Records named Corduroy as the world's new oldest living cat on on August 13, 2015..
Ashley Reed Okura
The key emphasis here is the oldest living cat. The oldest cat that ever lived (at least from the point in time when people began to keep such records) was one called Crème Puff. The cat lived in Austin, Texas. This super-old cat lived 38 years and three days and died August 6, 2005. One reason for Crème Puff's remarkable longevity was perhaps his diet. The cat was fed the unusual diet of bacon and eggs, asparagus, and broccoli.
According to Scooter's owner, Gail Clark, the cat did not show signs of being old. Even on the day of his 30th birthday (March 26) , Scooter woke his owner up each morning: "talking and jumping around." Clark also adds that Scooter was "always waiting by the door when she arrives home from work."
According to the Huffington Post, Scooter celebrated this 30th birthday by having a bath and feasting on his favorite dish of chicken.
However, in May 2016 Scooter sadly passed away, passing the mantle back to Corduroy. Scooter lived to a great age, equivalent to 136 years in human terms. Scooter was also well-traveled. The Daily Mail reports that Scooter traveled to 45 of the 50 U.S. states with his owner.
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