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Woman picks up others' trash and uses it against them

By Owen Weldon     Sep 16, 2014 in Odd News
A video of a woman on a motorcycle surfaced on Monday, and it shows her witnessing drivers littering. She then picks up the garbage and confronts them and exacts some interesting revenge.
As of Tuesday the video has almost two-million views, and more than 3,000 comments.
According to The Blaze, it is not clear who the woman is, but the video shows her pulling up to a driver who had just littered, and taking an ashtray and emptying it out on him. She then proceeds to drive off as the driver shouts at her.
Her helmet cam also shows her sitting outside of a fast food restaurant, and in front of her is an SUV. The driver of the SUV dumped their bag in the parking lot and started to drive off. The woman picked the bag up and pulled up to the SUV and tossed it through the window. The liquid contents spilled on his lap.
Another driver was filmed throwing his soda bottle out onto the road, and the woman picked it up, caught up to the driver and then taped the bottle to their passenger's side mirror.
The woman can only be heard and not seen, according to BuzzFeed.
It's unclear if the video was filmed as part of a publicity stunt, or if she was genuinely teaching those who litter a lesson. It's also unclear where the video was filmed. However, the video's title is in Russian, and in English the title means "Elusive girl on a motorcycle against debris."
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