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article imageWoman gets third breast to turn men off

By Owen Weldon     Sep 22, 2014 in Odd News
A 21-year-old, who calls herself Jasmine Tridevil, claimed that she had a third breast added to her chest because she wanted to turn guys off.
According to Telegraph, Tridevil, from Tampa, Florida, said she didn't want to appear attractive to men.
To show the struggles she faces on a daily basis, due to the surgery, she posts videos on Facebook.
Tridevil paid $20,000 for the boob job, according to MTV. The third boob is in the middle of her two other breasts.
According to International Business Times, Tridevil had the surgery a few months ago. However, Tridevil had her areola tattooed because her doctors couldn't create an artificial one.
Tridevil had a hard time finding a doctor who would perform the surgery, and she said she called about 50 doctors. Tridevil said it was hard finding someone to do it because they were breaking the code of ethics.
Tridevil was asked about her family's reaction to the news of her getting a third breast. She said that her mother ran out of the door when she told her, and she will not talk to her. She continued to say that her mother won't let her sister talk to her, and her father isn't happy about it. She said that her father accepts what she did, but he is a little ashamed of her.
On September 23, some media outlets have been expressing some skepticism. Snopes points out that no third party images of Tridevil have emerged, and no evidence of her being booked on shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live or Inside Edition, have surface, despite Tridevil claiming she has booked appearances. She did speak in a local TV interview but she only briefly flashed her "third breast."
A plastic surgeon based in Tampa said that adding a third breast would be a lengthy procedure, as well as an exhaustive one.
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