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Woman calls 911 as cat turns on couple, trapping in bathroom

By James Walker     Jul 9, 2014 in Odd News
A woman from DeLand, Florida, called 911 on Saturday evening after her cat "freaked out" and began attacking her and her husband.
The Huffington Post reports that in the phone call, Teresa Gregory is heard to say "My husband's arms were ripped up! I mean ripped up! Pouring blood!" followed by "I got her out of the bedroom, and now she's in my living room and I can't get out. She's got us trapped in our bedroom."
The cat has never had any vaccinations and is reportedly now in quarantine for the next 10 days. It apparently "went ballistic" after seeing Gregory's husband and started attacking the man. The couple had left the cat in the bathroom all day and that it was fine upon release until seeing her husband, James Gregory.
The cat, named Kush, is a Russian Blue and was removed from the couple's home. It is unknown what aggravated or provoked the cat into attacking but such events are very rare although obviously rather scary when a normally tame pet turns on its owners.
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