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article imageWhen is it safe to break wind in a relationship?

By Tim Sandle     Mar 12, 2016 in Odd News
Possibly not the most savory of subjects, but when do couples feel comfortable about breaking wind in front of each other in terms of the length of their relationship? We reveal the results of a new Internet poll.
The beginnings of a relationship are difficult. Impressions count as partners find out about the other person's tastes and interests. To add to this there are questions: What to wear? Where to eat? When to meet the parents? When to say the most powerful phrase in the English language — "I love you"?
It sure isn't easy. But what about some of the more unsavory habits, such as when to break wind in the presence of your nearest and dearest? Undertaking what the movie Love and Other Disasters called "the conspiracy of silence."
Fart, which derives from "flatulence," refers to the release of gases generated in the intestine or stomach. It is a normal, and healthy, physiological process. It is, however, something generally frowned upon as happening in public.
According to a poll by the website Mic, run on Google Forms, the typical time occurs between two months and six months. This was based on a survey of people aged in their 20s and 30s. The results showed:
51 percent have farted in front of their partner within six-months. Of these:
22 percent broke wind in front of their significant other in less than one month of the relationship and 29 percent did not 'let rip' until between two and six months.
However, some 25 percent waited to some where between six and twelve months.
About 8 percent thought it was never acceptable to fart in front of another, even the person closest to them.
Closing with something more pleasant, with the words "I love you", according to the website Match, this typically happens around month five in a relationship.
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