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Watch this video of a Starbucks worker freaking out

By Alex Allen     May 19, 2015 in Odd News
A worker at a Starbucks in New York is no longer working for the company after a video of her screaming at a customer went viral.
"Get out! You're not going to be served here!" That's what a Starbucks employee in Queens yelled at Ruby Chen when she tried to pick up her order. The heated confrontation was captured on video by another customer, Pennapa Castro, who posted it to Facebook on Thursday. Chen eventually re-posted the video on YouTube, where it has since gone viral with well over 2 million views so far.
Chen says she ordered a frappuccino and a "special straw" but she didn't hear one of the employees calling her name when the order was ready. It was then that Melissa, the employee featured in the video, began shouting. Chen says she told Melissa that she hadn't heard her name called but that there was no reason for her to yell. That's when the employee apparently took the scanner away from her as she was trying to pay and told her to leave and never come back. Chen also claims that the employee accused her of trying to steal the straw that she had been holding before the confrontation started.
When Chen asked to speak to a manager, Melissa allegedly screamed that she was the manager but, according to a Starbucks representative, she was actually just a shift supervisor. Other customers tried to defend Chen during the incident but the employee went after them as well, repeatedly yelling, "bye!" in addition to some curse words.
Original reports indicated that the employee had been fired but it is now being said that she was suspended. According to WPIX TV in New York, a Starbucks representative released the following statement:
The customer’s experience is not reflective of the service our baristas provide.
The employee was immediately suspended and no longer works for Starbucks.
Our leadership team has reached out to the customer to make things right.
This experience is not what we want our customers to have in our stores.
We worked to quickly resolve this.
The employee told the media that she had quit as opposed to being let go.
Chen has received an apology from Starbucks as well as a $100 gift card.
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