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article imageVideo: Park ranger fired for dancing in an 'offensive' manner

By Walter McDaniel     Jun 26, 2014 in Internet
Chattanooga - One park ranger was caught on camera doing a dance which one citizen found quite offensive. He was fired for it and now many sectors of the Internet are rushing to save his job.
Park Ranger Deryl Nelson, 51 — who was known for his habit of breaking out into a dance to entertain visitors — was fired for this same fact. City officials gave him his walking papers after seeing a video of the dance. Melissa Parsons recorded him and complained to the city that his pelvic thrusting may have offended some parents.
Part of the problem comes from the fact that he was on the job at the time. In business goofing off is most commonly seen as a productivity killer and is discouraged. It is subjective as to whether Nelson was not doing his job at the time since he was doing the dance to entertain some nearby park visitors, as he had done many times in the past.
Nelson had been suspended over comments in the past and has now been fired for "conduct unbecoming a public employee" according to the video report. While this was not the most likely reason for his firing it may have contributed to the decision.
The injustice over what many see as a harmless dance has led to significant coverage in the media. The coverage ranges from those bashing the woman who reported it to casually railing at the injustice. The small event has seen media coverage far out of proportion for what you would expect.
Nelson will be attempting to get his job back and has quite a bit of media pressure to back him up since the news has even reached print media in New York. It is of course up to the city to make the final decision. If you want to support him you can sign the petition on
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