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Video: Angry Chinese woman rips ATM apart with bare hands

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 22, 2014 in Odd News
Shilong - A woman who was unable to get cash out of an ATM machine at a mall in China pulled it apart with her bare hands in frustration. Her efforts to force the machine to dispense cash soon attracted the attention of a crowd of shoppers at the mall.
The crowd gathered to witness the incident which occurred at 5.50 p.m., Oct 16 at the Jingshawan mall in Shilong town, Guangdong Province, China. They snapped photos and filmed with their phones as the woman dismantled the machine with her bare hands in a matter of minutes.
Three security guards at the mall came to scene. But they were so stunned at the sight of a woman dismantling a non-compliant cash dispensing machine with unaided hands that they simply stood and gawked in disbelief leaving others to do the right thing — call the police.
The woman mumbled heatedly under her breath as she pounded and kicked in the anger at the recalcitrant machine while pulling it apart.
Online commenters have speculated that nobody tried to stop her probably because everyone was awed at what they imagined the superhuman strength of a woman who could dismantle an entire ATM machine with her bare hands in a moment of frustration.
The video above shows CCTV footage of the woman as she pulled the machine apart. She lost patience almost as soon as the machine failed to deliver cash and began tearing at its frame.
After she had ripped off the frame and the computer display, she stood back calmly to survey the scene while the crowd looked on behind her, not daring to intervene out of fear of suffering the same fate as the machine.
But the damage to the machine was not as bad as it appears in the photos because most of the damage was to the casing and the computer display.
She later told the police that she had tried unsuccessfully to withdraw money from the machine and that she also could not withdraw her bank card. She mumbled to herself repeatedly, saying that she had the right to damage the machine because it belonged to her friend.
Suspecting that the woman had mental problems, responding officers took her to the Dongguan Mental Hospital for psychiatric assessment. Police said they would have to wait 15 days for the result of the assessment before proceeding with the case.
But officers were able to contact her family in Guangxi using her mobile phone. Police found out that she was Lin, 28, from Nanning City in Guangxi province.
Her younger brother confirmed that she had mental problems. He excused his sister, saying, "She’s like everyone else when she has her medication, but if she doesn’t take it, then she’ll have an episode. When that happens, she won’t even know what she’s doing."
A staff member at the mall explained that the woman was able to pull the machine apart because it was old and the casing only hung loosely on the body. The staff member said that security guards did not intervene because her behavior and demeanor did not seem quite normal.
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