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UFO appears to fly through the sky during live news broadcast

By Alex Allen     Mar 6, 2015 in Odd News
Experts are reviewing a video which appears to show a UFO flying through the sky during a live news broadcast in Argentina.
It seems there's always some sort of new UFO sighting popping up in the news but this most recent sighting actually occurred during a live news broadcast. A new video was posted to YouTube on March 1 but the footage is supposedly from a live newscast that took place on February 28. The video shows a seemingly normal live news broadcast in Argentina but it focuses on a strange disc-shaped object that appears to be flying through the air in the background. The silver-colored saucer appears to fly through the sky, even going behind a tall building.
Mysterious Universe, a website which reports on bizarre news stories including UFO sightings, was the first to pick up the story and while the video has already gotten nearly 100,000 views on YouTube, experts say it is most likely a hoax. According to the Huffington Post, Ben Hansen, a former investigator on the "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" program, says he isn't convinced the UFO actually appeared in the original broadcast.
Hansen says the show traveled to Argentina in 2011 to speak with a cameraman who used animation software to fake an alien sighting and he believes something similar may have happened in this case. "I maintain this was most likely an animation hoax because of some common editing errors that appear to be present," he said. "If you pause the video right at the 33-second mark (image below), you'll see that the UFO is superimposed right on top of what appears to be guy-wires which anchor an antenna mast."
Of course, if Hansen's theories are wrong and the video isn't a hoax it would be the second UFO sighting to be captured by some soft of professional camera crew this year. Just last month, a film crew in Peru caught a purple flying saucer on video while they were attempting to film an episode of a crime prevention show. There are questions about the legitimacy of this sighting as well, however, considering the fact that an event was being held just down the road by an organization that wishes to build an embassy for extraterrestrials based on their religious beliefs that humans were created by aliens.
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