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Uber driver says Uber app made him go on killing spree

By Owen Weldon     Mar 15, 2016 in Crime
Kalamazoo - An Uber driver who killed six and wounded two others allegedly told investigators that the Uber app on his phone made him do it.
Jason Dalton, 45, is accused of going on the killing spree on February 20, and apparently he told Michigan investigators that his mind and body were controlled by the Uber app. The app also apparently told him where to go and when to kill on the day he carried out the murders.
Authorities said Dalton said a symbol resembling the devil's head popped up on the Uber app on the night he allegedly committed the murders.
Dalton said the night of February 20 was different from other nights because the app's icon turned black when it's usually red. He also said he was sad for the people who lost their lives but he doesn't want to come off as a crazy person.
He knew he had killed people, but Dalton said he was not a killer. Dalton said the Uber app has the ability to take you over.
Earlier in the month, a prosecutor said in order to determine Dalton's competence to stand trial, he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
As of now, Dalton is facing six counts of murder, and police said he didn't have a history of mental health issues. Dalton has not entered a plea.
Dalton was asked if he had anything to say to the parents of the child that was killed during his spree, and he said he was sorry.
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