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article imageTV crew is interrupted by purple UFO

By Alex Allen     Feb 25, 2015 in Odd News
A film crew in Peru captured a bizarre UFO sighting on tape, just as a press conference was being held by a group of people who want to create an embassy for extraterrestrials.
A film crew in Peru just happened to be in the right place at the right time on February 10th, as they were able to capture an unidentified flying object (UFO) on video. The production crew was apparently filming the show "Alto al crimen," a show that addresses the prevention of high level crime, when someone spotted the strange object hovering in the sky. According to reports, the film crew immediately stopped the show and began focusing their cameras on the purple UFO, which they say remained hovering in the sky for around two hours.
The video footage captured by the film crew was uploaded to YouTube later that day and now has almost one million views. But the story doesn't stop there. Just down the road from the construction zone where the UFO was filmed, a group of Raelians, who believe humans were created by aliens, were holding a press conference to discuss their proposal for an embassy for extraterrestrials!
The group has apparently submitted their embassy project to the Peruvian government and one of the group's members says the sighting was not a coincidence. "It's much more than an amazing UFO sighting," he stated.
"This UFO appeared right when we held a press conference to present our embassy project plan, which we have submitted to the Peruvian government." He went on to explain his belief that Peru must have been "important to our extraterrestrial creators."
According to reports, it is not uncommon for UFOs to be spotted at Raelian events. In fact, they are often spotted in the communities where people who subscribe to the religion live.
Some have been critical of the spotting, claiming that it was simply a hoax perpetrated by the group in order to advance their plans for an embassy.
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