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article imageSelfies are deadlier than many of nature's top predators

By Brian Booker     Sep 22, 2015 in Lifestyle
A lot of people fear random animal attacks, such as shark attacks. You know what people might want to start fearing instead? Selfies. Turns out that selfies are actually deadlier than many animals. And no, this isn't a joke.
So far this year sharks have killed eight people. Most of the attacks have been highly publicized, frequently drawing international attention. Can you guess how many people have died taking selfies? Twelve thus far. Add it all up and so far this year more people have died snapping photos of themselves than have died from shark attacks.
Of course, a number of people have been seriously injured but lived after being attacked by sharks. It's unknown how many people have been injured while taking selfies, but it's a safe bet that the numbers of injuries outnumber the number of deaths.
Earlier in September a 19-year-old father of two fatally wounded himself while trying to capture a selfie. The man suffered a wound to his upper body while posing for a photo, the gun having gone off on accident.
Just hours ago a Japanese tourist in India died while trying to capture a selfie in Taj Mahal's royal gate. Apparently the tourist fell to his death, though Indian authorities claim that he first suffered a heart attack, which caused his fall.
Animals, on the other hand, aren't as deadly as they're often feared to be. In the United States only one person, on average, will be killed by a shark, bear, and alligator attack. Six people will die from venomous snakes and lizards, while seven will die from spiders.
Can you guess what the deadliest animal is? Man's best friend the canine, which claims 28 lives per year. The second deadliest might be even more shocking, however. Turns out that cows claim an average of 20 lives per year!
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