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Tigers refuse to eat man who offers himself as food

By Karen Graham     Feb 18, 2014 in Odd News
A 27-year old mentally disturbed Chinese man is fortunate two white Bengal tigers in a zoo enclosure had already been fed the day he decided to offer himself as food.
Yang Jinhai had suffered with depression for a long time, according to family members. Living a life fraught with failure and jobs holding little meaning, he recently posted messages online that he was optimistic about getting work as a security guard in Chengdu, a city in southwest China's Sichuan province.
He soon left his job as a security guard when it proved to be boring and monotonous, as was the job he found in a printing factory. The one enjoyment Yang Jinhai found in life was his many trips to the local zoo. There he often watched the pair of white Bengal tigers, writing that it was depressing to see the "noble and magnificent tigers" confined to a zoo enclosure, unable to follow their natural instincts.
It was after this that Yang decided to offer himself as a living sacrifice to provide the tigers with his "support." On Sunday, he carried out his plan, climbing up the outside of the cage enclosure, and leaping into the pen.
He carried a backpack full of rice, which he told zoo officials later was going to be used to feed the animals. The tigers were frightened by the intruder, who behaved erratically, dancing around the enclosure with flailing arms, smearing a red substance on some of the glass. The tigress was so unnerved, she ran off to the other side of the pen.
The male tiger finally let curiosity get the better of him, and made a half-hearted attempt to attack, biting and scratching Yang Jinhai before letting him go. Zoo keepers were able to drag Yang out of the pen, tranquilizing the tiger. One zoo official said that the victim was very lucky, because if the tigers hadn't eaten in two days, the outcome would have been different.
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