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Tiger befriends goat after it was served to him as live food

By Owen Weldon     Nov 29, 2015 in Odd News
Primorskiy - Last week, zookeepers presented Amur the Siberian tiger with a live goat. Instead of eating the goat, Amur befriended it.
The Far East Safari Park in Russia has given goats and rabbits to Amur about two times per week. However, Amur has never aced this way before to an animal that was given to him to eat.
Since becoming friends with the goat, Amur has stuck with eating raw meat instead of living food. It's not known whether Amur will switch back to live food.
One zookeeper said the goat, named Timur, has probably never come across a tiger before, nor was it ever taught to be scared of them.
A video was uploaded by the park showing how the goat likes to stay close to Amur and how it follows Amur around the enclosure. The goat even enforces new sleeping arrangements.
When Timur first entered the enclosure, he established himself as the dominate animal, and he chased Amur out of the sleeping area. Since then. Timur sleeps in Amur's bed, while Amur sleeps on the roof.
Recently, an employee at the park was at the receiving end of a hiss. A zookeeper said Amur hissed at the employee, who feeds the tigers, as if he was telling him to not approach the goat. That was the first time Amur has displayed aggression towards staff at the park.
Zookeepers gave the goat the name Timur because the character from a Russian children's book, and the character has a lot of courage.
The park said the name suits the goat because he is a fearless animal.
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