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article imageThree 'riders' get together for a little sex on Toronto streetcar

By Marcus Hondro     Nov 21, 2014 in Odd News
Toronto police said no charges were laid but it seems some streetcar riders were in a ballsy case of transit sex. Three streetcar passengers, drunk, were caught having sex — how could you not catch them? — on a crowded streetcar Thursday night.
It happened on the packed, after work, 504 King Street streetcar after 5 p.m. and the sex acts taking place were of the oral nature. Once it became apparent what was going down — or maybe who was going...never mind — the driver stopped the car. For those familiar with the route, the driver made that stop at York Street.
There were two men and a woman going at it and the driver wasn't going to just keep moving as if nothing was happening. Neither did it seem wise to be the one to break it up, so a supervisor was called. Before one arrived, however, the three fled the streetcar and did not come back.
"It's kind of shocking to think someone took it upon themselves to have some recreation at that time of day, on a cold, cold streetcar," streetcar rider Robin Lobb told CBC News.
And this is what Loob tweeted while the incident was (here we go again) going down: “Stuck in streetcar at King and York for 20 minutes the driver announces reason for delay. ‘Sexual activity,’” Lobb posted.
Naturally the TTC isn't about to condone this kind of thing and they issued a statement about the ah, the whole "affair." "There are more private places in this city if you want to get to know one another a bit better," TTC spokesman Brad Ross said. "A streetcar clearly isn't the place."
By saying a crowded streetcar isn't the place to be having sex, Mr. Ross and the TTC are openly displaying something themselves — that they have a rather firm grasp of the obvious.
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