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article imageThis is how rats can get into your toilet

By Owen Weldon     Aug 18, 2015 in Odd News
Have you ever wondered how a rat can make its way into your toilet bowl? They do it quite easily, and this is how they are able to do it.
National Geographic uploaded a video, which shows just how easy a rat can climb up into a plumbing system.
The video explains that rats have a lot of endurance, as well as flexibility. They can also swim for three days and are capable of holding their breath underwater for up to three minutes.
The video also mentions how rats sneak into manhole covers open to the street, and that residential sewer pipes feed into the main tunnel. This might lead the rat to thinking it is a great opportunity for exploration.
Rats can scale just about any vertical surface, thanks to their sharp claws. Eventually they can end up in the toilet, desperately trying to get out of it.
A sewer system can be a great source for rats. This is because large amounts of food are sometimes flushed down the toilet. Rats may get desperate and if that happens, they can feast on undigested food in human feces.
If a person flushes the toilet, rats can swim right back out into the drainage system. If people want to avoid an encounter with a rat in their toilet, then they could flush it before they go to the bathroom.
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