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article imageThe fear of losing your phone is a real phobia

By Owen Weldon     Jun 2, 2014 in Odd News
Some researchers say that the fear of not having a cellphone that works should be added to psychiatry's diagnostic manual.
According to 660News, a new research paper says that the psychiatry's manual should be updated to include 'Nomophobia.
The lead author of the University of Genoa paper said that Nomophobia is characterized by the disproportionate nervousness, anxiety, or anguish that is caused by being out of contact with a computer, or a cellphone.
According to the research paper, a case study from a Brazilian psychiatrist of a man who kept his cellphone on him all the time was cited. The man kept his device on him for 15 years because he felt an overwhelming need to feel safe, and he wanted to make sure he could call emergency services right away in the event he felt sick.
His panic disorder was treated with anxiety medicine, and he received psychotherapy, which led to significant medical improvement, but there was no change in his nomophobia.
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