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Taxi driver stiffed out of $1,500 after 22-hour ride

By Mike White     May 28, 2014 in Odd News
A longtime taxi driver and father of four was cheated out of $1,500 after a 22-hour drive across five states. He also had to stay overnight in a homeless shelter after the trip.
The Daily Mail reported Enaytayullah Hoseny, who has been a cab driver Sacramento for more than a decade, said he didn't know where North Dakota was when 25-year-old Matthew Blackhanson allegedly got into the back of his Acura Integra and wanted to go to the state.
Hoseny, looked it up on GPS and agreed to give the man a ride for $1,200, even though the expected travel time was over 22 hours.
Blackhanson allegedly gave $240 cash to Hoseny and said he would sign a hand-written contract to pay the rest on arrival. He also reportedly told the cab driver he would pay $1,500 upon arrival in Mandan, North Dakota. He said he would meet his fiancée there.
Reportedly, however, after the fiancée did not show up at a gas station, Blackhanson said he couldn't pay the rest of the money.
"He started crying, 'Oh please don't call the cops. I'm going to be in trouble. I want to see my fiancée,' and this and that," Hoseny told CBS, according to the Daily Mail article.
Hoseny did call the police and his driver was arrested on an outstanding warrant. With no place to sleep, no money and no gas, the taxi driver slept in a homeless shelter.
"I never sleep in a shelter ever in my life, swear to God. Never ever. That was so nightmare. That was so crazy," he remembered. .
Yahoo News reported an actual meter charge for the trip would have been $4,800.
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