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article imageShepherds discover 'UFO' lying in a field in Spain

By Anne Sewell     Nov 6, 2015 in Odd News
A bunch of shepherds made a fascinating discovery while out tending their sheep in southeastern Spain. A strange object had apparently fallen from the sky into a field.
Turns out it wasn't of alien origin though. The object could be termed a UFO, if you think of it as an "Unidentified Falling Object," rather than the usual wording, but it definitely wasn't an alien artifact of any kind.
According to The Local, two brothers, Francisco and Juan Espín del Amo, were tending their flock of sheep in the countryside of Murcia in southeastern Spain Tuesday when they happened across a mysterious, dark grey, oval object, lying on the ground. The local media reported that the two brothers immediately deduced that the object "must have fallen from the sky" and they notified the authorities.
Apparently the brothers didn't initially think "UFO," or that the object had come from space, as they had seen military aircraft in the area in the days preceding their discovery. They assumed it must be related to the planes. Spanish authorities have since established, however, that the strange and mysterious object must have fallen to Earth from outer space.
In case of any kind of contamination involving the strange object, the Civil Guard immediately activated its NRBQ protocol (used for nuclear, radiological, bacterial or chemical threats) and sent an expert to the scene of the find to investigate. Clad in a bright yellow safety suit, the expert conducted tests on and around the mysterious object and found it to be safe.
They now believe the object to possibly be an auxiliary fuel tank from a rocket. According to a tweet sent by the Civil Guard Wednesday, the object was not of alien origins but was merely space debris.
Showing that even the Spanish Civil Guard has a sense of humor, they included an alien and a spaceship emoji in their 140 character message, included below.
The UFO that fell in Murica on Tuesday wasn t an alien  it was only space debris.
The UFO that fell in Murica on Tuesday wasn't an alien, it was only space debris."
Twitter screen capture
El Pais (in Spanish) reports that this is not the first time an object of this nature has fallen down to Earth. According to a Civil Guard explosives expert, similar articles were found in Brazil and Australia a few years ago.
It turns out that in the meantime, Juan and Francisco's scientifically-minded cousin decided to do some investigations of his own online and found out that the object appears to be part of a space station. He told the Spanish media the sphere had all the signs of actually being a composite over-wrapped pressure vessel (COPV), and that it was possibly from a space station.
According to his research on the Internet, COPVs are made of a material that is made to be resistant enough that it can survive reentering the Earth's atmosphere intact.
While the object wasn't of alien origins, it certainly brightened up two shepherds' otherwise normal and mundane day. The video included top of article appears to have been taken by the shepherds on discovering the odd object. In the video one of the shepherds can be seen touching the object with his bare hand, which is probably not recommended with some unidentified object that has fallen from the sky.
El Mundo (in Spanish) has a further video, showing the Civil Guard expert working with the artifact, which is included below.
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