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Sheep get high after accidentally munching cannabis plants

By Owen Weldon     Oct 19, 2014 in Odd News
Merstham - A flock of sheep ended up getting high after they accidentally munched thousands of dollars worth of pot dumped on their farm.
According to Express, the sheep munched on seven bags worth of pot plants that were thrown on to a farm in Merstham, Surrey. Nellie Budd, the farm shop manager, said she had no clue who tossed the pot on to the property.
Budd said that at first she thought it was just some hedgerow that someone tossed out, but when she went to get the bags she realized the sheep were not eating black plastic. Instead, they were eating cannabis plants, which had a strong scent.
She went on to say that her sheep didn't have their legs up in the air while on their backs, but they probably had the munchies. Budd said they didn't have any other side effects.
Budd said that if the fly-tippers went another 200 yards, then they would have seen the farm shop. She added that they probably didn't think anyone was going to find it.
Each plant was about three feet tall, and police revealed that the the estimated street value was around $6,400, according to Independent.
Police say that the dumping of the plants, which are illegal, was extremely irresponsible. Police said that they are doing everything they can to find the ones that are responsible.
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