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article imageSasquatch footage? Hiker says video is of a Bigfoot near Squamish

By Marcus Hondro     May 5, 2014 in Odd News
You will have to look at it yourself, but a man called Mr. Lamont uploaded a video to YouTube that he says he believes to be of a Sasquatch, of Bigfoot. The mythical creature hasn't been proven to exist and this video likely won't change that.
He says he is a wildlife biologist and claims his surname is indeed Lamont and that he doesn't want his first name known, hence Mr. Lamont. At any rate, his video is a long shot of a dark speck, taken by himself and a friend while hiking in the beautiful Tantalus Mountain Range near Squamish, north of Vancouver.
Mr. Lamont said he took the footage two years ago but only now uploaded it to YouTube. As they stand upon a peak you can hear him and his friend talking about what they see, the speck/Bigfoot, off in the distance. He notes the size and speed it walks at and says it would not make sense for a human to be heading in that direction. Mr. Lamont says he knows bears and other wild animals and doesn't believe that it's a beast, or a human. Whether he's just having us on is open to conjecture.
Bigfoot: To believe or not to believe
The creature has long been believed, by those who believe in it, to exist, but there's been no conclusive proof, or at least nothing that's convinced more than the devoted Bigfoot believer. There are Bigfoot conventions and conferences and many continue to believe, and continue search for that elusive proof.
The most compelling footage alleged to be of a Sasquatch is the Patterson-Gimlin video, taken in woods near Orleans, California in 1967. Some have debunked it, insisting the footage is simply a man in an ape suit; others claim that an analysis of the footage indicates the creature is not human.
The Lamont video will not supplant the Patterson-Gimlin as the most compelling, that is a certainty. It is too distant to do anything but say what an online commenter said, a Mary Patterson (is her surname a co-incidence, or is she related to the late Roger Patterson, who took the 1967 footage?). Ms. Patterson posted the following on the YouTube site Mr. Lamont's video was posted on:
"Sorry, but that's about as convincing as the video recently taken of 'Nessie. I'm not saying that there's absolutely no Bigfoot out there, just that this film is too far away to be conclusive at all."
It may be a Sasquatch, it may be a friend of Mr. Lamont's in a costume, may be a bear and it may be a speck on the camera lens. It may even be that not even our 'wildlife biologist' knows for sure...if even he really exists.
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