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article imageSanta Ana 'House of Horrors' reveals hundreds of pythons (Video)

By Anne Sewell     Jan 30, 2014 in Odd News
Neighbors in a Santa Ana, Ca. suburb had been complaining for some time about the dreadful smell emanating from the home of one William Buchman. Finally investigations revealed the source of the odious odor and neighbors will be able to breath easy.
According to one close neighbor, Forest Long, Jr., "The stench is overwhelming," adding that his friends didn’t want to come round and party anymore because of the dreadful smell in that area. He told the local media that, "It smells like something's dead."
Finally complaints from the neighbors took root and the Department of Animal Services decided to investigate the situation. Police and animal services officers then obtained a search warrant and, donning hazmat suits and masks, they entered the home. (Please note that the article continues after the rather irrelevant links.)
On raiding Buchman’s two-story house on Wednesday they made a rather smelly discovery and got straight to the root of the problem.
What they found were several rooms stacked almost to the roof with plastic bins containing pythons. According to the police, there were “several hundred snakes”, all in varying states, some alive, some barely alive, most dead and many decaying, hence the putrid odor.
Apparently in some cases there were only the snake skins remaining. In just one room alone, there were apparently over 50 dead pythons but only seven live ones.
Animal services Cpl Sondra Berg was interviewed by the local broadcaster and said, "House of horrors: That's the best way to describe it."
Speaking of the snakes, Berg said, "They're very cold and it appears that most of them haven't eaten in quite a while."
She added that they were in “various stages of dying and dead and underweight."
It turned out that the snakes were not the only ones in residence, as many mice and rats had also overrun the home. According to Berg, there were so many that they were actually cannibalizing each other to survive.
According to police Buchman, a 53-year-old teacher and python breeder, has now been taken into custody on suspicion of animal cruelty.
So far, it is unclear why he had so many snakes in the home and when asked by the media before being taken away by the police, said merely, “No comment.”
According to neighbors, Buchman’s mother, who had also lived in the home, had passed away in the last few years. Long said Buchman changed around a year ago and stopped being sociable in the neighborhood. It was around that time, apparently, that the smell grew worse.
"It got so bad as to where my wife would throw up," Long said, adding, "She'd get out of the car and run into the house.”
Neighbors will now be able to breathe easy again.
One of the few live pythons found in the home of William Buchman.
One of the few live pythons found in the home of William Buchman.
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