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Romanian man swallows metal fork to win a bet

By Ernest Dempsey     Mar 28, 2014 in Odd News
Bacau - A young man in Romania swallowed a metal fork to win a bet while drunk. The act, meant to impress his friends, led the man to the hospital.
The story in Metro identified the 25-year-old Romanian man as Radu Calincescu of Bacau city. Calincescu was rushed to the hospital on March 26 as he complained of intense pain after swallowing a metal fork to win a bet fixed with a friend in a state of drunkenness.
Metro reported that Calincescu complained of pain in oesophagus while not mentioning at first the swallowing the metal object. Doctors were surprised to discover the fork stuck in his throat after an X-ray examination.
Daily Mail also reported the incident telling that the doctors refused to perform surgery on Calincescu when they learnt that the man had swallowed the object deliberately to impress his friends. They reportedly told Calincescu, who wasn’t in need of emergency surgery, to wait and see if the fork came out naturally. The patient was quoted saying that he would return in a few days to check whether the object had moved.
Swallowing under influence of alcohol or drugs is reported off and on in media and medical literature. Earlier this year, published a story about a man high on phencyclidine (PCP) tried to swallow his smartphone, causing a medical emergency.
In an extreme case of this kind, reported by Daily Mail in 2009, a woman in Netherlands was discovered to have swallowed more than 70 items, forks and spoons, over time. According to the story, the unusual case had happened over 30 years ago but had not been reported before.
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