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Phoenix cow dies after being hit by more than 12 softballs

By Mike White     Sep 29, 2014 in Odd News
Phoenix - A family's pet cow has died after being pelted by more than a dozen softballs on a local ranch in Phoenix Friday morning. In related news, the FBI will begin to track cases of animal cruelty.
The Huffington Post Sergeant Steve Martos told a local television station that the family found their pet with severe injuries on their ranch. He said there were more than a dozen softballs around the animal.
A veterinarian had to euthanize the cow. The vet told authorities the culprit probably used a potato-launcher, and that would explain how badly the animal was hurt.
Some of the 13 softballs were discovered to belong to Desert Shadows Middle School, according to authorities.
Authorities are investigating to determine if charges of animal cruelty should be filed.
There have been a number of incidents involving cruelty to animals published online this month. In a separate article on the Huffington Post, it was announced that the FBI will began to track such incidents.
Reportedly, John Thompson, of the National Sheriffs' Association, told the reporter writing the article that Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey has decided to include cases of animal cruelty in the uniform crime report. Previously, such violent incidents were reported in the "other offense" category, because they involved animals, not people. A number of organizations supporting animal rights has pushed for such a change for years.
Now that cases of animal neglect and other examples of cruelty, is in the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, there is reportedly much more incentive law enforcement professionals to notice incidents of animal cruelty. There will be more accurate information, and it will be simpler for law enforcement agencies to allocate officers and money to attempt to solve such cashes and track data.
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