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Op-Ed: Home kit to test romantic compatibility Special

By Tim Sandle     May 21, 2014 in Odd News
With an estimated only three in 10 couples ending up happily married (according to one company at least), the burning question is how do you know your partner? A new tech company have an answer: a home testing kit.
The company Instant Chemistry have launched what they described as “the world’s first affordable at-home consumer compatibility kit for couples.”
To find out more, Digital Journal spoke with Kristin Serio, who is in charge of marketing the new product. Serio explains that the kit is: “Based on a combination of biological and psychological properties proven to determine long-term relationship satisfaction, partners can now test chemistry and compatibility long before a life-changing commitment is.”
Serio went onto add that the idea for the home kit was: “Based on years of intensive research, the Instant Chemistry test takes into account two constants for long-term relationship satisfaction – DNA and core personality. With the Couples Kit, each partner's genetic makeup and personality traits are analyzed and compared to see how they match up. Instant Chemistry then translates this information into a report that depicts long-term relationship satisfaction, core personality traits, and how these will affect stability and happiness in the relationship.”
So what is the kit exactly? The Couples Kit contains two biological tests, one based on relationship satisfaction and the other on long-term chemistry.
Looking at the first test, described as ‘The Relationship Satisfaction Test’, this test determines how partners’ brains process serotonin, thus revealing differences in their emotional reactions to varying situations.
With the second test, which is the biological one called ‘Long-Term Chemistry’, this test looks at how well partners’ genetic makeup complements each other. Instant Chemistry state that this information can be used to look at key components of DNA, such as how partners react to scent which they suggest is a proven way to determine how physically attracted partners will be years from now.
Instant Chemistry also uses a [url=http://test t=_blank]Psychological Compatibility test developed to identify partners’ core personality traits, and what they mean in terms of stability and happiness in a relationship. Combined with the biological tests, Instant Chemistry states that it is able to determine the underlying compatibility of partners, and recognize what will help a relationship to further grow. If compatibility is lacking, Instant Chemistry provides ways to detect conflict before it arises, and advice on ways to improve a relationship.
The crunch questions are does the kit work and would you use it? This Digital Journalist has not had the courage to suggest to his wife, a biomedical scientist and sceptical of such things, that they look into it! However, we would be interested to hear your thoughts: would you use a kit like this and why? Please use the comments section below.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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