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article imageOp-Ed: Anti-abortionists freak out over Planned Parenthood ice cream

By Megan Hamilton     Jul 25, 2014 in Odd News
Portland - When an ice cream shop in Portland, Oregon dedicated a flavor to Planned Parenthood, the anti-abortion crowd decided to bring the crazy.
When Jodie Ostrovsky, owner of the What's The Scoop? ice cream shop decided to partner with Planned Parenthood, as she's done in the past, she had no idea it would stir up an anti-abortion hornet's nest. This didn't happen in the past, and this year, she didn't give it much thought, she told The Huffington Post.
What's The Scoop is a civic-minded ice cream shop, and often works with local organizations, including Planned Parenthood. This year, when it partnered with Planned Parenthood, a new flavor was created — a mix of honey vanilla and rose petal that goes by the name "Rose City Revolution.
What's the Scoop arranged for Planned Parenthood to sell the ice cream, along with a few other flavors for a period of time and keep 50 percent of the profit. Earlier this month, the shop hosted a three-hour party so that the organization could invite guests. The shop also also tossed in 10 percent of all sales at the time.
The kerfuffle started after this blog hinted that the flavor should be called "blood and scream!" Links to the shop's Facebook page and website were provided. That's when the backlash seemed to start, Ostrovsky said. Soon, the threatening phone calls came in, and the shop's facebook page was filled with angry messages.
"Some of them have been scary," Ostrovsky told the Willamette Week. "We've gotten quite a number of phone calls, a lot of Facebook stuff--we've gotten comments through the form on our web page. Some of them are bizarre and odd. We don't know why they're telling us that we have problems when they're saying terrible, threatening things."
The shop's Facebook page is full of angry comments.
From Scott G. "Mmmm...murdered baby flavor."
From Tom A. "Drop dead, you baby murdering atheist pig.
From Gloria J.Z. "Just think, now when the under aged [sic] girl kills her baby without her parents [sic] permission, she can go get ice cream after! How disgusting."
Jon E. "Planned Parenthood is a racist [sic] evil baby killing entity. They use tax dollars to fund democrats. Look up their history."
And the winner:
Rob D. "Thank you for supporting underage girls to be raped by their stepfather [sic] then go to planned [sic] Parenthood and get a no questions asked abortion. It also allowed her to [sic] continued to be raped. You Rock!
It's definitely clear that these grammatically challenged knuckle-draggers are a few branches short of a tree here.
Isn't it funny (I don't mean as in ha-ha), how these people get their knickers in a knot over abortion, but they don't care what happens to a child after it is born? These people want to act holier-than-thou as long as they aren't the ones having to deal with the situation, but the facts aren't fun.
Here's a few stark realities, according to The Guttmacher Institute.
• There are 6.6 million pregnancies each year in the United States, and 3.4 million, or 51 percent, of these pregnancies are unplanned.
• Unintended pregnancy rates are highest among poor and low-income women, women between ages 18-24, cohabiting women and minority women.
• This shouldn’t come as a shock: Poor women’s high rate of unintended pregnancy results in their also having high rates of both abortions (52 per 1,000) and unplanned births (70 per 1,000). In 2008, poor women had an unintended birth rate that’s nearly six times as high as that of higher-income women.
• In 2008, black women had the highest unintended pregnancy rate of any racial or ethnic groups. At 92 per 1,000 women aged 15-44, it was more than double that of non-Hispanic white women (38 per 1,000).
• In 2008, women without a high school diploma had the highest unintended pregnancy rate among all education levels (101 per 1,000 women ages 15-44), and rates were lower for women with more years of education.
• Total public expenditures for births from unintended pregnancies nationwide were estimated to be a whopping $12.5 billion in 2008. Out of that, $7.3 billion were federal expenditures and $5.2 billion were state expenditures.
• In seven states, public expenditures on births from unintended pregnancies exceeded half a billion dollars. California, at $1.5 billion, and Texas $1.3 billion, spent the most.
There are 16 million children living in poverty in the US, according to the National Center for Children in Poverty. In most cases, their parents work, the Center reports. Where are the knuckle-dragging anti-abortion screaming whackjobs in these situations? They are strangely absent.
If they are going to complain that abortion is wrong, then they need to put their money where their (blabber) mouth is. They don’t have the right to whine about it, unless they are actually willing to help. Harassing hard-working people at an ice cream shop isn’t help. It’s merely idiocy, and as Planned Parenthood says on its Facebook page — “Good Grief! It’s an ice cream flavor, people!”
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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