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article imageNY court will decide if chimps should have same rights as humans

By Owen Weldon     Oct 5, 2014 in Odd News
As the result of a lengthy battle by animal-right's activists, an appeals court in New York will decide if chimps should have the same rights as humans.
Some animal-rights activists have argued that chimps, as well as other animals with human qualities, should be entitled to the same protections that humans have, such as freedom from captivity, according to New York Post.
According to Mirror, the case refers to "Tommy," a chimp that is caged in a New York state farm. Campaigners said that the chimp is entitled to live as a free man in a sanctuary in Florida.
This week the court will hear how memory, emotions and self-knowledge make Tommy a lot like humans, according to Daily Mail.
According to Fox, the effort is being lead by Steven Wise, who is part of the Nonhuman Rights Project, and he will need to convince the judges that Tommy is a legal person.
Wise said that Tommy should be seen as a person, and that him being caged is morally wrong.
Wise visited Tommy last November and he said he did not look happy. Wise said that chimps are social beings and keeping them in solitary confinement is pretty much the equivalent of putting a human in solitary confinement.
The person who own's Tommy said that the chimp has it really good. He said he has plenty of enrichment, and he even has color TV, cable and a stereo. He also said that Tommy enjoys being by himself.
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