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article imageNorway cops chilled & friendly as they handle a drunk (Video)

By Anne Sewell     Apr 12, 2014 in Odd News
Troms - American viewers have been fascinated by the laid-back and amused way two Norwegian police officers handle an unruly drunk in Tromsø, northern Norway, since the video appeared on LiveLeak. They figure their cops could learn a lot from these gentlemen.
The video footage is from a Norwegian police reality show, "Nattpatruljen," and shows two officers in Tromsø attempting to pick up a drunk and take him off to the drunk tank in the local jail. The video was recently uploaded to the LiveLeak video sharing website.
The man insists that he is not intoxicated and that the "f*cking" police are hunting him down. He says he gets so angry at them.
Meanwhile the police react by laughing gently at him, followed by apologies for teasing him. "You are a little funny right now," one explains. And funny he is indeed, right to the end of the video.
"Can I bring my dick with me?" the man roars, to which one of the policemen responds, "Yes if it hangs on," chuckling.
The man exclaims that he has been to jail 22 times, to which one of the officers responded that this is going to be the 23rd time.
All the way through the police officers handle the situation with humor and respect. They do have to manhandle the man a bit when he starts kicking out at them, but with no harm to him or themselves.
Among the comments from American viewers one said that the US version would have ended at the three second time mark with 16 gunshots, while another says the man would have been tazed after one second.
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