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article imageNo passport for L Skywalker

By Tim Sandle     Dec 7, 2014 in Odd News
London - The force is not with Laura Matthews. Her attempt to have her passport read "L. Skywalker" has been thwarted by the British passport office.
To start with, how could Laura Matthews hope to become an international traveling light saber wielding Jedi knight? While passports vary around the world, the European Union passport requires first name, middle name (if the person applying has one), and surname. Applications are made through national passport offices.
A few years ago Laura Matthews decided to give herself an extra middle name (to add to "Elizabeth", which her parents provide after her birth.) To expand her full name to "Laura Elizabeth Skywalker Matthews", she added "Skywalker". Skywalker is the family name of force-sensitive types in the Start Wars movie franchise (being the surname of Anakin Skywalker, who went on to change his name by deed poll to Darth Vader, and his son, Luke.)
In adding "Skywalker" to her middle name, Laura also decide to change her signature, changing it from "L. Matthews" to "L. Skywalker."
Although she officially added Skywalker to her name back in 2008, when Laura Matthews first applied for a passport in the U.K. in July 2013, she was told her signature - "L. Skywalker" - infringed a trademark and her application was not advanced. However, the British passport office did a quick U-turn and she was issued with the document several weeks later.
However, according to the BBC, the decision has been reversed again. L. E. (no "S") Matthews has now been told the passport was issued in error and has been cancelled. If she wants to reapply, the moniker "Skywalker" cannot be used.
In a letter to Ms. Matthews, the Passport Office stated that its "published guidance provides that we will refuse to recognise a change of name... if it is made for a bet or frivolous purpose. Additionally, in your case, the signature used in the passport is different to your surname and by your own admission was done for 'a laugh'. Regrettably, an error was made in issuing your passport...I am sorry that the error was made but I have to inform you that your passport will be cancelled."
Oddly, Laura Matthews has successfully applied for a driving license and bank cards with "Skywalker" clearly shown and she has not, until now, been turned for any application. However, in order to travel outside of the U.K. it looks like force is no longer with her.
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