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article imageThis reporter had no clue he was on air. Watch what happened!

By Alex Allen     Mar 7, 2015 in Odd News
Baltimore - A traffic reporter in Boston was supposed to be checking out the roads but instead he decided to stop for a McMuffin and a cup of coffee.
"Let's go to Traffic Jam Jimmy." When Baltimore area TV viewers hear those words, they expect to see the FOX 45 traffic reporter giving an update on the traffic conditions in the area. However, they recently got a little behind-the-scenes look instead. Jimmy Uhrin apparently wasn't prepared for his broadcasting partner Candace Dold to hand things over to him, as a new video that has gone viral on the Internet shows the traffic reporter in a McDonald's drive-through, attempting to order a sandwich.
At first, it seemed as though Uhrin had no clue he was live on air as he began yelling for his fish sandwich order at the fast food drive-thru. He soon caught on to the fact that he was on air but that didn't change his determination to get a little grub. "Oh, Candace, we live?" he asked. He continued by saying that he had been in the car since 4:00 and that he was "starving." At that point, he continued asking for a fish sandwich. Unfortunately, the fast food worker informed him that they were only serving breakfast items at that point, which prompted him to order an Egg McMuffin and a cup of coffee.
Once his order was finally placed, Jimmy finally started to give a little information on the traffic. The camera switched to a view of the roads, which were clearly dangerous and covered with snow and ice. He informed viewers that the road conditions were poor and urged everyone to "stay put." He finished off his report by apologizing for not being prepared, once again saying that he had no clue they were going live. He even requested that his on-air partner not tell their boss what had happened. Of course, considering the fact that nearly 200,000 people have seen the original video posted to FOX 45's YouTube channel, it's quite likely that Jimmy's boss has been made well aware of the mistake at this point.
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