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article imageNew Facebook challenge urges Norwegians into icy waters (Video)

By Anne Sewell     Apr 30, 2014 in Odd News
A new craze has started in the Norwegian social media as a Facebook group urges people to jump into freezing cold water, video the experience and then challenge other dare-devils to do the same, or pay a penalty.
The idea was apparently imported from the Faroe Islands around a week ago and it is spreading through Norway's social media like crazy. The man who started the whole thing fears that no one in the whole of Norway will escape.
Dubbed the "Jump in the Sea Challenge," victims are dared to throw themselves into the icy water in order to avoid paying a penalty. That penalty normally involves buying generous amounts of alcohol for the challenger, which could get expensive. The victim must then nominate others to do the same.
It's all a little like the recent Neknominate drinking craze, but this time with freezing cold water.
The Facebook Group already has 1,200 members and according to the "founder" of the challenge, Roy Poulson, he is amazed at how quickly the whole thing is catching on.
"I am half Faroese and half Norwegian," he told Dagbladet (in Norwegian). "It was my eight-year-old daughter, who lives in the Faroe Islands, who first challenged me. The penalty for not complying is usually to buy alcohol for the challenger, but my daughter wanted a pass to the cinema."
Poulson first dove into the waters off Myre in VesterĂ¥len, and then challenged some friends to do the same. They then challenged their friends, and so on and so forth.
"It's crazy!" he told Dagbladet. "I did not know that the Norwegians were so crazy. Politicians and business leaders have jumped into the sea after me."
Poulson is so surprised at the popularity of the whole thing that he has even apologized on Facebook to the many Norwegians who have been unwittingly forced into the icy spring waters.
"I apologized on Facebook and in one minute I got over 41 'likes', it's totally insane!" he told the newspaper adding that he thinks that no one in Norway is safe from the challenge now that the phenomenon is established.
Images and videos are available on Instagram with the hashtag #hoppihavetutfordring.
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