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article imageMonkey goes on chocolate bender in France, gets Tasered by police

By Megan Hamilton     Dec 20, 2014 in Odd News
Marseille - Fueled by chocolate, an aggressive monkey went on a rampage and was taken down by police using a stun gun in a Marseilles neighborhood.
Kids had been giving the North African Macaque chocolate, and the critter's rampage incited a flurry of phone calls.
Police had received more than a dozen phone calls from residents in the Castellane neighborhood, including a report that the hopped up simian had scratched children at a nearby elementary school, La Provence reported, per CBC News.
Authorities say there's a good chance the monkey was being illegally kept and was abandoned, The National Post reports. Police said the macaque had been subsisting on a diet of Kinder chocolates given to it by kids. The monkey may have turned aggressive due to abuse from some of the children and malnutrition, UPI reports.
Besides scratching a few kids, the monkey managed to bite one police officer and was "causing bedlam," The New York Daily News reports. Police, most likely not used to chocolate-drunk monkeys, finally cornered the wily critter on Monday by using a Taser.
Fortunately the monkey wasn't seriously hurt, and has been turned over to a zoo to start rehab.
"It is a lesser evil, the maximum we wanted to do to not have to kill him," the police commissioner said.
After the macaque recovers it will be transferred to a local zoo.
Macaques are Old World monkeys and there are several species found throughout Africa and Asia, The Encyclopedia Britannica reports. Not in France whacked-out on chocolate.
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