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Man uses crowdfunding to save pet's penis

By Sylvannia Soulet     Apr 29, 2014 in Odd News
Bristol - A Bristol man turns to crowdfunding when his pet tortoise's prolapsed "penis" endangers its own life and is out of his budget to fix.
Ask and ye shall receive, no matter how bizarre the request.
When 27 year-old Miles Jelfs of Bristol adopted Cedric from a friend, he realized all was not right with the spur-thighed tortoise.
Indeed; upon a visit to the veterinarian, Jelfs discovered that Cedric’s cloaca — a multipurpose orifice that functions as a penis during mating — had become inflamed and needed immediate treatment or Cedric would perish.
Cedric suffers from Cloacal Organ Prolapse, a condition usually caused by damage to the nerves in the cloaca, causing it to remain perpetually engorged and drag behind the afflicted tortoise.
Unfortunately, Jelfs did not have the £150 ($250) available to save his reptilian roommate, so he turned to the Internet in his hour of need.
"It will be causing him a lot of pain and you can tell when he walks that it is not very comfortable for him, poor little guy,” Jelfs told the Daily Mail.
A crowdfunding campaign was set up for Cedric the tortoise on GoFundMe, and not only was the goal of £200 reached, it was surpassed by more than double its initial target.
The story comes with a bittersweet ending, however. Though the funds had been raised, doctors have informed Jelfs that Cedric’s manhood could not be salvaged; the tortoise will be given a few weeks to get his strength up for the operation. Fortunately, the excess funds should be enough to cover the more expensive amputation procedure, as well as cover any additional check-ups and medication. Any funds not used for treatment will be donated to charity.
To follow the status of Cedric and his recovery, visit the GoFundMe campaign.
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