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Man finds egg worth more than $30 million

By Owen Weldon     Mar 20, 2014 in Odd News
A Midwest scrap metal dealer came across a rare Faberge egg at a sale, and he decided to pay $13,000 for it. The man, who has not been identified, sensed that the golden egg was worth more than that.
According to Yahoo, the egg that man purchased turned out to be worth $33.3 million. The reason is because Russia's Tsar Alexander III once owned it, and it was seized during the Russian Revolution. The Faberge egg is one of the few original Faberge eggs that are still in existence.
According to CNN, the man contacted Kieran McCarthy, who is an Faberge expert. The man flew to London to visit McCarthy, who said he had no idea that the man was planning to visit him.
McCarthy said that the man walked and he could barely speak. He said the man then handed him some photos and the Holy Grail of art and antiques (the egg) was in the photos.
McCarthy said that he then flew to the man's home, where he confirmed that the egg was the Third Imperial Egg.
According to Reuters, the egg will go on display next month in London.
Peter Carl Faberge made around 50 imperial eggs from 1885 to 1916. Some other eggs were made for merchants.
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