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article imageMan dies in car crash after 50,000 bees hinder rescue attempt

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 31, 2014 in Odd News
Saginaw - Bees contributed to a complicated incident involving a St. Charles man, a hive and rescuers attempting to get him out of the car.
Since the investigation is still underway the name of the driver has not been released. 50,000 bees were a part of a hive in an abandoned house that a 54-year-old man crashed into according to reports from MLive.
Rescuers rushed to help him but bees attacked them and drove them back. Eventually they pulled the vehicle out to save him but he had already passed away. Incidents such as these happen regularly in areas where bees have built a large nest. In St. Petersburg rescuers had to contend both with 40,000 bees and an electrified fence to help another victim. Fortunately hives of this size are rare and found most often in abandoned areas.
Killer bees have become a problem in the United States due to African strains, European genes and interbreeding. Breeds formed from this genetic material are more aggressive and breed in very large numbers, something that makes them a danger for rescue operations near large hives.
Most citizens do not deal with anywhere near the number of bees involved in the incident. You can handle normal hives yourself with some soapy water. Large ones such as the one in this incident sometimes need emergency staff and specialized foam to fully remove the problem.
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