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article imageLegal highs: Marijuana mayhem affects French cops

By Anne Sewell     Feb 18, 2014 in Odd News
It seems that police officers in the French city of Roubaix have a problem. They have been doing their job a little too well. Having seized such large quantities of illegal marijuana and hashish, they now have too much stored in their evidence locker.
So much indeed that it’s starting to have its effect on them. Apparently the 40 kilos which is currently being stored in the police station is giving off a bit of a funky odor, which has now made its insidious way into both the ground and first floor of the building.
Some officers working there have even tested positive for traces of the drug, according to a local police union official Fabrice Danel:
“My colleagues are really fed up. They are complaining of nausea, headaches. Some, either worried or for fun, tested themselves for marijuana. Most of them came back positive. It’s a scandal!”
Apparently the problem prompted an urgent meeting among police officials last week, but so far there has been no resolution. It seems it is one of those typical, bureaucratic, red tape situations. The police commissioner is currently having a little dispute with the agency who would normally remove the confiscated drugs.
In fact, the agency has apparently refused to do so and this could be part of an effort to try and get more employees, as the agency’s chief claims they are currently understaffed.
According to an unnamed judicial source, this is a real problem. He said: "Imagine that an officer, on duty or simply going home, causes an accident. A field test would show him positive for drugs and he would be arrested.”
The judge told Nordéclair, “I imagine a blood test would come back negative, but the officer would end up being labeled corrupt.”
In the meantime, the police officers might also find themselves unusually hungry and have to go and buy some snacks to sort out their “munchies.”
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