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article imageKenyan lawyer to sue Israel for killing Jesus

By Kev Hedges     Oct 27, 2014 in Odd News
A Kenyan lawyer has applied to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to sue the state of Israel, as well as some other entities, for killing Jesus.
The lawsuit is being made by Dola Indidis, who is also suing the state of Italy, Emperor Tiberius and King Herod. His task is to bring those responsible to justice by imposing either financial compensation or even imprisonment to those "responsible" for the killing.
The fact that the case has been closed for nearly 2,000 years has not deterred the enigmatic lawyer. However, the ICJ are more than likely to throw the case out or ignore it altogether with a number of obvious reasons; for starters, there was no state of Israel at the time of Jesus' death, nor in fact was there an Italy at the time (the Roman Empire was based there at the time) and King Herod died four years BEFORE Jesus was even born.
As for Emperor Tiberius - who was a little bit cruel according to some of his antics - he had no direct relationship with Jesus at all; in fact, he only gets the one mention in the Bible and if there was any connection between the Emperor and Jesus he would surely have received a little more coverage in the Old Testament.
If for some bizarre reason the International Court does consider the case and Indidis actually wins his case, then what? Some form of retribution would need to be applied but who will pick up that unwanted tab? And who would any compensation award actually go to? Joseph and Mary have shuffled off the mortal coil a very long time ago and any relatives they may have had are long since forgotten.
A Certificate of Urgency has been raised in the Constitutional Petition on the lawsuit with other entities being sued ranging from Pontius Pilate (Governor of Judea), Jewish teachers of the law and a Jewish Chief Priest.
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