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article imageItalian lovemakers get stuck together in the surf

By Anne Sewell     Oct 19, 2014 in Odd News
Porto San Giorgio - Most people know that dogs tend to get stuck together when doing what comes naturally, but it seems even humans can experience this rather uncomfortable phenomenon. An Italian couple actually had to be hospitalized to get them apart.
It happened in Porto San Giorgio in the Marche region of Italy, on an almost deserted and romantic beach, during a lovely warm and sunny day. Because the beach was so quiet, the couple chose to take a dip in the ocean and then got a little carried away, expressing their love and devotion.
While apparently their lovemaking was romantic and totally enjoyable, the problem arose when the man tried to remove himself from his lovely partner. It seemed he was stuck. Literally. Something to do with the fact that they were in the water had caused a suction problem and he just could not extricate himself.
They stayed in the water, embarrassed, wondering what to do, when a woman walking on the beach spotted them. She gave them a towel for privacy as they struggled to get out of the water together and back on to the beach.
The woman then called a doctor, who organized for them to immediately be taken to the emergency room of a local hospital. The woman then received an injection, which is normally used to dilate the uterus of a pregnant woman, and the relieved man was at last able to withdraw.
Apparently this is nothing new. A Zimbabwean couple had a similar experience in July and were stuck together for around seven hours, only being able to separate with the assistance of the man's father. In that case, the father apparently said that "it was something to do with their ancestors."
Another embarrassing experience happened in Ciudad Real, Spain in April this year when a 21-year-old woman fell down a 15-meter water wheel shaft at a water park while distracted, doing what comes naturally. While she had to visit the hospital, she did survive the experience after being treated for hypothermia. As for the boyfriend, the cad apparently fled the scene.
Italian source:
Il Mattino
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