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article imageGreat Dane gives birth to 19 puppies

By Owen Weldon     Nov 19, 2014 in Odd News
A three-year-old Great Dane, named Snowy, gave birth to 19 puppies. Snowy's owners, Brandon and Aimie Terry, expected a litter of only eight puppies.
Brandon said he was only expecting around eight, and said that usually the runts don't really end up making it. He said he was preparing to lose one of the pups.
The dog gave birth for the very first time in October, and Terry said all of the pups' eyes opened up and they were just exploring and being playful.
According to ABC, the couple, from York County Pennsylvania, said they took Snowy to the vet, where she had an X-ray done. That's when they found out there were 15 spines in the X-ray.
Brandon said that he was out in the yard when he heard something that sounded like a kitten's mewing. That's when he saw the first puppy, and then six more were born at the home. The rest of the litter was born at an animal hospital.
Brandon said it's a shocker, but he's glad that all the puppies survived and they are here.
The family said they plan on keeping one of the puppies and selling the rest for around $850.
Regardless of the impressive number of puppies in Snowy's litter, the world record holder belongs to a Neapolitan mastiff in Cambridgeshire, England. Back in 2004, the dog gave birth to a litter of 24 puppies.
Great Danes are known for being big and having an appetite, and some Danes are known for eating almost anything. In matter of fact, a couple of months ago, a Great Dane in Portland, Oregon, ended up eating more than 40 socks, but it survived after being taken to the hospital.
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