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article imageDoes this video show a ghost haunting an old concentration camp?

By Alex Allen     Feb 23, 2015 in Odd News
Some believe they might have the answer as to why some objects have been disappearing from a Czech castle. Their explanation? A ghost stole them!
This 400-year-old Czech castle certainly has some interesting history behind it. It was built in the 17th century and was home to the wealthy Schlik family. In the 1930s, the castle was taken over by Nazis, who turned it into a concentration camp for those who were fighting against the regime.
A prominent member of the family and former resident of the castle, Franz Joseph Heinrich Schlik, is said to have been an important figure in the area throughout his life and was active in education reform as well as local agriculture and economics. Perhaps the most interesting piece of information about Schlik, however, is the legends and tales surrounding his supposed "life after death."
While he was still living, Schlik apparently had a silver box that he carried with him at all times. The box contained important papers and coins and was very important to Schlik. According to legend, the box (which is now on display at the museum) is still guarded by Schlik's ghost to this very day; and for some, this new video footage captured just last month is proof that Schlik is still around.
The footage was captured by a surveillance camera last month and appears to show a shadowy figure moving around inside the castle. The figure appears to go back and forth in front of the camera several times before disappearing. Interestingly enough, some objects have gone missing recently from the museum and some people claim that it is the ghost of Schlik who took them.
According to several people who work in the castle, the rooms from which objects disappeared are not cleaned by anyone. Some, including the castle's guide, are event afraid to go in alone now that this mysterious activity has occurred.
Schlik died in the year 1862 at the age of 72.
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