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article imageGerman shepherd helps maltese escape kennel and other dog stunts

By Mike White     Sep 22, 2014 in Odd News
One German Shepherd didn't like to see the Maltese puppy caged up. He decided to do something about it, and what he did is on a video on the Huffington Post.
The Huffington Post reported on the video which is going viral today of Twitch, the German Shepherd and his friend, Sophie, the Maltese puppy. The owner of both animals couldn't quite figure out how Sophie managed to get out of her cage.
After setting up a hidden camera, she found out.
Other dogs know how to escape too, including Chihuahuas, who can get free from cages without help from anyone else, as this You Tube video shows.
Dogs often do a variety of things we don't expect. You might be surprised by a dog jumping onto a counter. You probably wouldn't expect a dog, however to climb a chair to a counter, open a toaster door after the chicken nuggets have been cooked and then get them out.
That's just what Lucy, the beagle, did, however, as shown in this article and video on the Huffington Post.
How would you like to have a dog that could make your day easier? In one video, Jesse, the Jack Russell Terrier amazes with the helpful stunts he can do. You can watch the dog getting his own can of dog food for you to open and then bring you his dish.
His tricks don't stop there. Do you want help washing clothes or bedding? Jesse strips a bedspread for his owner. He even turns the water on at a sink, turns it off, pops bread in a toaster and then turns it on, brings a leash for his master to take him for a walk and performs many other tricks on this four minute video on YouTube.
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