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article imageGambling on an empty stomach may be a good idea

By Owen Weldon     Nov 2, 2014 in Odd News
A new study has claimed that people make better decisions on an empty stomach, and this includes decisions relating to gambling.
According to Daily Mail, researchers not only discovered that people make better snap decisions on an empty stomach, but they could appreciate future big rewards than those who were full.
Participants took part in a series of tasks, which included a psychology test known as the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT), which was designed to simulate real-life decision making.
30 university students took part in the IGT in exchange for money, while the second study was similar, but it involved 50 students..
The results of the two studies indicated that people who had an empty stomach were better at making snap decisions.
Researchers wrote that in order to make decisions that are advantageous in the long run, then people should recognize the risk of loss when they are tempted by a bigger award.
According to Newser, the participants were asked to pick cards from four decks, and each card had a specific monetary value. Cards that were in decks A and B had higher individual values than cards in decks C and D. However, cards in decks A and B had higher "penalty" cards that forced subjects to give money back.
The study, which was published in Plos One, the subjects that were hungry appeared to pick up on the pattern of long-term rewards over short-term gains.
Researchers said that more research is needed to find out if other emotions come into play during the decision-making process.
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