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French boy fakes kidnapping to avoid visit to the dentist

By Anne Sewell     Jun 21, 2014 in Odd News
Bagnols - Most people don't particularly enjoy a visit to the dentist, but this 12-year-old boy really didn't want to go. In fact, he dreaded his appointment so much, he actually faked his own kidnapping.
It happened back in May, but has only now appeared in the French media as it has taken police a month to investigate the case.
The boy was apparently recovered by the police on the evening of May 21 in the Alpine village of Saint-Gervais, where it turns out he had been hiding. However, the boy told representatives of the security forces that he had been abducted in the city center of Bagnols on the previous Wednesday at around 16h30. He even gave the military an accurate description of his captor, saying it was a man of medium, muscular build, European type, aged around thirty years.
Using the boy's description, a sketch artist put together a sketch of an individual with a height of about 1.70 meters, sporting a vertical scar on his right cheek and wearing a black shirt and light-colored jeans.
The boy even gave details of the car used by his captor in the abduction and explained how the abduction took place. He said he was walking down the street to his dentist appointment, when the man allegedly stopped to ask for directions. The boy said he refused to help and apparently shortly afterwards the suspect forced him into his car, then drove away.
The boy said that it was only when there was an unexpected stop in the town of Saint-Gervais that he had managed to escape and contact his parents and the police.
Since then, police have been running an investigation into the alleged kidnapping with several hearings and detailed viewing of CCTV footage of the area in which the boy was allegedly abducted. However, after pouring through all the video footage, the investigators were rather unpleasantly surprised to discover that the boy had made up the whole story from the get-go.
On Thursday this week, the boy admitted that he had made up the whole story because he was afraid to go to the dentist. While he probably isn't the first kid to try and get out of a dentist appointment, he certainly was inventive.
French sources:
Midi Libre
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