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article imageFormer NASA engineer saw 9-ft alien with Space Shuttle astronauts

By JohnThomas Didymus     Mar 30, 2015 in Odd News
Clark C. McClelland, a man who says he was a NASA spacecraft operator, claimed in a statement first published on his website in 2008, that while monitoring a Space Shuttle mission in the 1990s, he saw a 9-ft tall alien with NASA astronauts in space.
McClelland claims he is a retired NASA spacecraft operator (ScO) who worked with NASA's Shuttle Fleet at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida from 1958 to 1992. He was involved in hundreds of NASA missions, including the Apollo missions, Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) programs.
In the statement published on his website Stargate Chronicles, on July 29, 2008 McClelland said he was member of a team of NASA engineers and scientists at the Kennedy Space Center's Launch Control center (LCC) in Cape Canaveral, Florida that was monitoring a top secret DoD mission in the 1990s when he saw on his 27-inch video monitor something he presumably shouldn't have seen -- an 8-9 ft alien with a humanoid form standing on two legs in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay area, conversing with two U.S. astronauts.
McClelland did not say the names of the two astronauts neither did he give any insight into how the alien communicated with the human astronauts, but he said he also saw an alien spacecraft parked near the Space Shuttle.
He observed the interaction between humans and aliens for about minute and seven seconds.
McClelland insisted that he was not mistaken in his observations. He said that as a NASA engineer he had expertise in "visual recognition of crafts created and flown by the human race, whether secret or otherwise."
"I know an ET and Alien craft when I see them," he said.
McClelland said that "aliens are here on Earth, they walk among us. They may have been implanted into our various Earth governments."
"NASA is not a civilian space agency. The Pentagon owns NASA. Some of the DoD (Department of Defense) missions I participated in were top secret. Those missions carried TS Satellites and other space mission hardware into orbit where several crews met with ETs."
While skeptics have dismissed McClelland as delusional, his disclosures have influenced the development of alien and UFO conspiracy theories. The widespread belief in the alien and UFO community that NASA is withholding information about its interactions with alien races and that the U.S. government might have entered into a secret military alliance with an alien civilization, developed from disclosures by alleged former NASA employees such as McClelland.
McClelland’s claim that he saw U.S. astronauts interacting with aliens in the Space Shuttle influenced the conviction that U.S. and alien astronauts have been holding clandestine meetings at the International Space Station and that the U.S. government is in a secret military alliance with an alien race.
Disclosures by former NASA employees also provide the basis for frequent reports of sightings of UFOs docking with the ISS. MClelland's disclosures are widely viewed as lending credibility to alien and UFO conspiracy theories centered around the ISS where human astronauts and aliens have purportedly been interacting.
In January last year, UFO hunters posted to YouTube a footage from the ISS live feed purporting to show a UFO docked with the ISS. The footage went viral online with members of the UFO and alien community demanding that NASA explain the alleged UFO sighting.
McClelland claims he was personally acquainted with Edgar Mitchell, NASA astronaut and Apollo 14 Lunar Module Pilot. Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon, is also well known as a UFO believer. He once said he was "90 percent sure that many of the thousands of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, recorded since the 1940s, belong to visitors from other planets."
Although, some have expressed doubt about McClelland’s claim that he was a NASA spacecraft operator for 34 years, no one has come forward with evidence to refute his claim. But McClelland has backed his claim with photos and documents from his years with NASA posted to his website.
He challenges anyone to refute his claim that he is a retired NASA engineer.
"With my verifiable background, there is no Federal Government Agency that can say I am crazy! I am a space program pioneer. I assisted in launching the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz, Skylab, Space Shuttle, Deep Space Missions, and the International Space Station.
"I have received character substantiation from: Walter Cronkite, Major Donald Keyhoe, NICAP Director; Richard Hall, Assistant Director of NICAP Astronomer...
"I served as the Assistant State of Florida and KSC Director of MUFON, the Director of the NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) at Cape Canaveral and KSC. I have received honored mentions from US Senators, Congressman, Military Officers and Scientists."
The apparent authenticity of his claim that he is a former NASA engineer who was involved in hundreds of NASA missions over 34 years has helped to enhance his credibility in the alien and UFO community. UFO and alien enthusiasts consider him a valuable primary source of information about alien life and alien contact with mankind.
But some skeptics deride him as delusional, while others allege that his tall stories are motivated by financial gain.
He has offered on some occasions to sell his alien and UFO stories to the highest bidder and has appealed to "Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Bill Gates, all who have enough $$ for ten life times" for financial assistance, claiming that his disclosures are a service to humanity.
"I love my planet, I love our human race. I'm trying to serve all of you, if only you will let me," he said in a YouTube video in which he appealed to the public for financial assistance.
He claimed he was appealing for help because the U.S. government deprived him of his pension. His supporters believe that he was being punished for earlier disclosures.
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