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Flying ants invade English town

By Owen Weldon     Aug 9, 2015 in Odd News
Wrexham - The town of Wrexham has been plagued by flying ants. The ants have been causing havoc not only in Wrexham, but also around the country.
A few days ago, there were reports about winged creatures causing havoc across Wrexham, including in the center of town, as well as a park and Asda, which is a grocery store.
People described watching others try to swat the ants away as they were surrounded by thousands of them.
People in Britain have been warned to be on their guard after invasion of the ants, which bite. It is mating season for the ants, and the males will die after mating, while the female ants will fly off to start new colonies.
Wales wasn't the only place where the flying ants were spotted. In matter of fact, London was hit the worst by the arrival of the ants.
James Wilkinson, who is from Suddenstrike, a company that provides pest control services throughout North Wales and the North West, explained that the flying ants are similar to regular ants, but they have wings.
Wilkinson said that the main difference, asides from the wings, is that normal ants are neutral sex, where flying ants are both female and male. He added that you tend to see flying ants at the end of July and early August, but they are usually around for a day or so.
If the ants bite, a small red mark will be left behind, and it may be itchy.
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