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article imageFive things cleaner than your smartphone

By Tim Sandle     Dec 12, 2014 in Odd News
Smartphone are known for carrying germs. However, did you know that there are five other common items that are “cleaner” than the cellular device? Digital Journal takes a look.
The typical smartphone carries some 25,000 microorganisms, a mix of bacteria and fungi. This is a relatively high number compared with other objects, although whether these microbes are pathogenic depends upon what the user has been up to. The greatest chance of there being pathogens on an object invariably comes down to whether or not someone has washed their hands after visiting the toilet.
So what is cleaner than the smartphone? Surprisingly, one of the five is the toilet. This is because lavatories are normally sanitized fairly often (at least the ones in public buildings, what people do in their own homes is another matter.)
The reason for the toilet having a cleaner status than the smartphone is because people rarely disinfect mobile technology. Handheld communication devices are not often seen as something than can be contaminated. Moreover, most phones these days are touch-sensitive. This means that many people will touch a phone and then moments later press the same finger against their lips. This makes for easy germ transfer.
One recent study, involving 200 phones, was published in the journal Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials (“Are we aware how contaminated our mobile phones with nosocomial pathogens?”). This study found that over ninety percent of phones were contaminated with bacteria and in most cases the same bacteria were found on the hands of the users. It should be noted that these bacteria were not necessarily pathogenic. The risks are higher in relation to healthcare workers.
The five things cleaner than mobile phone are shown in the YouTube video below:
In relation to mobile devices and hygiene, a Practice Guideline was issued by the Community and Hospital Infection Control Association (CHICA-Canada) to address the issue of electronic devices in healthcare settings.
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