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article imageFamily's pet cat rescues 4-year-old boy from vicious dog attack

By Marcus Hondro     May 14, 2014 in Odd News
A family in Bakersfield, Calif. is pretty darn happy they decided to get a pet cat. Tara the Cat came in handy recently when she rushed to the rescue of their 4-year-old son, who was being attacked, viciously, by a dog passing their home.
The boy, Jeremy, was playing on his bike in the family driveway when the dog, who belongs to their neighbor, wanders along, moves toward the unsuspecting lad and attacks, biting him in the leg and trying to pull him away with him The dog is clearly ready to do more damage but Tara flies into the scene out of nowhere and jumps on the dog. The dog retreats but Tara follows and makes sure that he's chased away before returning to see to the boy. Mom is there by then.
The incident was caught on surveillance cameras and the youngster's parents, Roger and Erika Triantafilo, posted it on YouTube. Mom told the local ABC News affiliate that their son needed stitches to his leg, which was badly cut, but he is doing well.
Initially it was reported the dog was under observation but subsequent reports said that it continued to be aggressive and that animal control officers euthanized it.
Reports have it the dog had gotten away and the owners called 911 to report it missing even before the attack. If so, they must have worried it might bite and therefore should have scoured the immediate area to make sure no kids were about. Tara the Cat, thankfully, helped make up for their mistake.
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