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article imageTiny stripper, 3 ft. 11 in., finds love, marrying 6 ft. soldier

By Marcus Hondro     Jan 24, 2015 in Odd News
A small woman from Ohio is set to marry a much larger man. Much, much larger. The two have found love despite a difference of 2 feet and one inch. He's a soldier, she a stripper, though she prefers to call herself a "smile maker."
Stripper and soldier, small and tall
Kat Hoffman, 26 and 3ft. and11in. tall, performs all over the U.S. and other countries as 'Kat the Midget Stripper' and makes a substantial living at it. Her fiancee, 34-year-old army Sargent Eich Bushner, who's 6ft., saw her modelling photos online and a mutual friend agreed to introduce the two
Bushner said any issues their difference in height makes are solvable. "The height difference does pose some problems but nothing too big that we can’t handle," he said. "Obviously she walks slower."
Dwarfism can't stop Kat
Born with diastrophic dysplasia dwarfism, Hoffman was mistreated at school and dropped out at 16, getting home schooled by her Mom for the rest of her formal education.
“At school I felt like an outcast, people bullied me because of my size and I was angry at the world,” she told Barcroft Media. “I dreaded school every day, no one wanted to speak with me.”
Being a dwarf she struggled with body image, her sister Renee has the same condition and issues. But the first time Kat tried stripping it made her feel better about herself. “It was such a buzz," she said. "During my first week of dancing I made $1,000 in one week, so I decided to make a living out of it.”
She says being sexy is about heart and personality and is convinced persons with handicaps can be sexy. Her family has differing views on her work, her Mom supports her by making her costumes but sister Renee said people laugh at her, not with her. Kat and Renee also have a sister who Kat says is of a "normal" height.
Her and Eich, who supports her career choice, are very much in love and neither are concerned with people who stare or make remarks. It's actually nothing new to Eich, either.
"I have a full body tattoo from my neck to my ankles so I’m used to getting strange looks in public," Sgt. Bushner said. "This whole world is filled with different types of people and you have to realise that some people will not accept you for who you are.
“You just ignore those people," he said.
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