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article imageDriver films argument with cop who 'estimated' he was speeding

By Megan Hamilton     Feb 24, 2015 in Odd News
Coonabarabran - When a seemingly clairvoyant highway patrol officer 'estimated' that the truck driver he issued a ticket to was speeding, the driver filmed the incident and posted it on the social media.
The video went viral, with more than 800,000 views in less than 24 hours, The Daily Mail reports.
Truck driver Chris Smith filmed the rather peculiar incident as the police officer, who identified himself as Steven when he flashed his name badge, wrote out the citation and told Smith that he hadn't used a radar and that the fine was based on his "estimation."
"So I'm getting booked for not speeding," Smith says, according to The Daily Telegraph. "Is that what you're trying to tell me?"
"You're a senior constable...for guessing speed?" Smith asks, incredulous.
"Expert. I'm an expert in the courts at estimating speed, yes," the officer retorts.
"Well obviously I think you need a new job," Smith fires back.
Smith asks if he can see the radar proof that he was speeding, and that's when the constable says he wasn't using the radar and had estimated his speed, The Daily Telegraph notes.
"You need to understand everything is based on my estimations," the officer says. "All the radar does is back up my estimation, that's all it does."
Scott Cooper, who is a speeding fine consultant, told, that this is hogwash.
"What this cop has done is booked someone on guesswork," Cooper said. "If a cop is booking someone on an estimate and he has the availability of technology like a radar gun then it's just stupid."
Smith wrote on his Facebook page that his truck has onboard GPS and he checked his speed. It didn't indicate that he was over the speed limit, according to The Telegraph.
"To set the record straight, I just finished checking the speed on the truck via Tom Tom web fleet and not once did the truck go over the said speed limit," he wrote.
Smith continues his questions, but the patrolman tells him to take the matter to court if he has an issue with the fine or the manner in which it was delivered.
"I will take it to court because I can't get booked for not speed," he said. "You don't worry mate because I can't get booked for you guessing a speed."
Unfortunately for Smith, his efforts may be all for naught.
Highway patrol officers are considered experts in estimating speed in the eyes of the court, a spokesman for the NSW Police said, per The Telegraph.
"This is included as a part of the training received by potential highway patrol officers," the spokesman told 9news. "Any LIDAR or radar check that is done has to be reinforced with a valid speed estimation."
Smith now faces a fine of $254 and three demerit points.
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